Dert * Oxford * 2011
Oxford, 4-6 March 2011
Main Competition Traditional Competition DERTy (Youth) Cake DVDs and Merchandise

Main Competition Results

The Oxford Times ran a nice (if rather content-free) article on DERT 2011 - nice, arty pic of Sallyport!.


Newcastle Kingsmen knock last year's winners, Gaorsach, back into second place...

Watch footage of the announcement of the Premier results on YouTube.

1stNewcastle Kingsmen406.00
4thStone Monkey386.75
5thStar & Shadow376.75
6thWhip the Cat374.50
8thBlack Swan360.00


A triumph for the Scottish Mons Meg, and a well-deserved second for Sheffield's Triskele.

Watch footage of the announcement of the Premier results on YouTube.

1stMons Meg357.75
3rdRockingham Rapper311.75
4thNorth British297.00
5thDorset Buttons296.75
7thMaltby Phoenix280.75
8thScally Rapper276.75
9thFaithful City227.25
10thDurham University211.00

Individual Awards

The Steve Marris trophy is awarded to the team with the highest overall score.

2ndNewcastle Kingsmen440
3rdStone Monkey424.5
4thStar & Shadow409.75
5thWhip the Cat409.75
8thBlack Swan395.5
9thMons Meg393
11thRockingham Rapper338.75
12thDorset Buttons329.125
13thNorth British325
15thMaltby Phoenix315.5
16thScally Rapper276.75
17thFaithful City250.625
18thDurham University239.75

The Tyzack trophy is awarded to the team with the highest "buzz factor".

2ndNewcastle Kingsmen67

The prize for the best musician was won, again, by Matt Crum of Black Swan. How many years is that now... ?

1stBlack Swan68
2ndStone Monkey66
Joint 3rdThrales / Newcastle Kingsmen65

For the first time, characters were marked individually meaning that the prize was awarded to an individual rather than a team.

1stSallyport, Tommy46.00
2ndThrales, Tommy40.50
3rdNewcastle Kingsmen, Tommy38.50

Hardcore Results

Teams who want masses of unwieldy data - or to double-check their own scores from different pubs - can download the full results.

The Full Spreadsheet

PDF of the full scores

PDF of the full results

Please note: the attributes which were marked by two judges per pub (buzz, character, presentation) were averaged to avoid them skewing the results. So if a team was marked by judge A as 12 for buzz and by judge B as 7, then their buzz score for that pub would be 9.5. For teams with two characters, the pub scores of the two characters were then averaged again to give one number (in the range 0-10) per pub.

You can download a tour schedule if you want to check which pub "dance 2" was for your team, etc.

Traditional Competition Results

Coming soon...

DERTy Results

DERTy Youth Competition

First prize: Heage Windmillers Youth Rapper Squad

Other competing teams; Young Miscellany and Maltby Fledglings

DERTy Junior Competition

First prize: Heage Windmillers Junior Rapper Squad

Other competing teams: Chelmo Champs, Shawlands Hellbillies, Heage Windmillers Mini Rapper Squad, Heage Windmillers Micromini Rapper Squad

Cake Competition Results

A fiercely complicated scoring system based around appearance, gin content, "X factor" and the averaged taste scores from six Mabels resulted in the following:

1stWhip the Cat (Kathryn)"Cake Stand"14.33
2ndGaorsach"Lady Garden"14.00
3rdMaltby Phoenix"Hat Cake"13.75

DVDs and Merchandise


Video Magic Films - a professional video production company - shot a huge amount of footage of the main competition, and also of DERTy. The DVD can be ordered for £20. To order a DVD, please download, print and fill out the order form and send it with a cheque, direct to Video Magic. Address and payee details are on the form.

DVD order form

Individual Clips

Charan at Video Magic has also made available clips of each team's showcase dance, suitable for putting on YouTube, on your website, and generally using for promotional stuff. These clips are much higher quality than the usual mobile phone footage that ends up on YouTube.

Have a look at Mabel's evening dance to see what the clips are like:

If you would like to purchase your team's clip, then please contact Charan directly for details: He's intending to charge around £20.


We still have a very few DERT 2011 t-shirts left over. These are available at £12.00 per t-shirt, including p&p (please ask for postage prices for orders of multiple shirts).

To make sure that the t-shirt you want is still available, please email to reserve it before sending money. Once your order has been confirmed, details for payment (by cheque or bank transfer) will be sent. The tables below will be kept as up to date as possible.

Men's shirts


Women's shirts

Please be aware that the sizes for the women's shirts are on the small side - a "small" is more of a 6-8 than an 8-10.