Dert * Oxford * 2011
Oxford, 4-6 March 2011
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Anthony Nolan Trust Recruitment

DERT is proud to be associated with a recruitment drive on behalf of the Anthony Nolan Trust.

Susan Clough is organising this campaign, and explains here why she thinks it is so important.

To Spit Or Not To Spit?

Are you aware that the Anthony Nolan Trust is the maintainer of the bone marrow donor register in this country? Do you know that the register has over a million members, and that there is a current drive to increase the register to 2 million?

I have been on the register for a long time. I became aware of the register through the Blood Transfusion Service, and because I had a cousin who died of leukaemia in the 60's when we were both young and treatment was not what it is now. A recruitment drive by the local Lions club finally spurred me into action over 20 years ago and I joined the donor register.

Recent developments have made the registration process much simpler: previously a blood sample was needed, now the necessary information can be obtained from a saliva sample.

The Anthony Nolan Trust is using the advent of this new method to campaign for an increase in the register and so DERT 2011 is giving you the chance to consider "Spitting for a Marra." *

The main criteria for all new volunteers who wish to join the register are:

  • Aged between 18-40 inclusive
  • Be in good health
  • Weigh over 8 stone (51kg)
  • Have a BMI of less than 35
  • And most importantly be willing to donate stem cells to any patient should they ever match

Please consider adding your name to the register and look out for the recruiters at DERT. If you want to know more in the mean time google Anthony Nolan Trust, send me an email or look in the programme.

Want More Information?

Full details can be found in the Anthon Nolan Trust's Donor Recruitment Guide.

* Note for Southerners and other aliens

marra, n: Friend or mate. Used in greetings and to show respect to an equal.