Dert * Oxford * 2011
Oxford, 4-6 March 2011

Tours and Schedules

The teams will tour round five pubs, following a circular route. As has happened in recent years, some tours will follow the route clockwise and some anti-clockwise, to ensure that teams see different people in each pub.

Tour groups and schedules will be provided in team information packs to be collected on Friday night.

Competition Rules

Full rules will be available shortly.

Outline rules are as follows:

  1. The dance must be a rapper dance, performed with rapper swords.
  2. Dances must not last for more than 7 minutes from the first team member entering the performance area to the last team member leaving it. Any team that overruns will lose 10% of their marks.
  3. Any dance spots missed will be forfeit.
  4. Performers may only compete in one team in the main competition and in only one team in the traditional competition.
  5. Any side entering more than one team must enter them as separate teams in the competition.
  6. Full details of the judging criteria are provided below.
  7. The judges' decisions are absolutely final.

Judging Criteria

There will be two judges in each pub. They will each judge five out of seven categories:

Judge AJudge B
Sword Handling
Dance Technique

As well as awarding marks, we will be asking the judges to give each team as many comments on their performance as possible.

NEW in 2011

All scores count

We have decided that we are not going to remove the lowest score as at previous DERTs. All scores in all pubs will be included.


Each character is going to be marked INDIVIDUALLY this year. This means that if a team has two characters, each one will get a separate score.

Full Criteria

The criteria by which the teams will be judged and marks awarded can be downloaded as PDFs, or viewed online.

Download the criteria for the following areas: