Dert * Oxford * 2011
Oxford, 4-6 March 2011

DERTy Competition Arrangements

If any teams have musicians or dancers who need to be available for both adult and children's competitions, please let us know as soon as possible.

Our MC for the event is Phil Heaton.

There will be two age levels; pre 12 (junior) and 13 - 18 (youth) on the day of the competition.

Categories for Junior and Youth competition

The categories are based on how old the dancers will be on the day of the competition, Saturday March 5th 2011. There are two classes:

  • Junior = 12 yrs old and under
  • Youth = 13-17 yrs old

Please use these rules to determine which competition teams with mixed ages should enter:

  • Any team with two or more dancers who are 13 -17 should be in the Youth competition.
  • If one dancer is 13-17 and the rest are 12 or under, the team should be in the Junior competition.
  • If one dancer is 18 or over and the rest are under 18, the team should be in the Youth competition.
  • Any team with two or more dancers who are 18 or over on March 5th can only enter the main competition.

Competition Rules


Dances will last no more than 6 minutes, including the calling on song.

The performance will be significantly enhanced if a Tommy/Betty and a calling on song or verse is used. Tommies/Betties must be under 19 and can perform for different teams provided a different calling on song is used. Teams will not however, be penalized if they do not have a Tommy/Betty or calling on song.


LIVE music is essential and may be provided by adults who can perform for more than one team.

If you need help with music, contact Fiona Knott. Sue Swift, Mabel's musician will be available to play for Youth and Junior teams provided this has been arranged in advance.


There are three judges: Sally Atkinson, Aubrey O'Brien and Adrienne Moss.

Teams will be marked by each judge on the following five criteria each of which contributes 20 points. Therefore the maximum score per team is 300 (3 judges awarding up to 100 points each).

  • Sword Handling - Do the swords move well?
  • Figures - Are the figures performed well?
  • Style - Is there a visible positive style?
  • Stepping together - Do they dance with the music and each other?
  • Team work - Are they all together?

In the event of a tie, there will be a dance off for first place.


Competitors must have their own public liability insurance, and it is sensible to include this with personal accident insurance.


Place and time

The competition will take place in the Bate Collection, Oxford between 12.30 and 2 - precise times will be confirmed as soon as we have final numbers for the competition. There will be an opportunity for an exhibition dance before the competition; again times will be confirmed as soon as possible, but will not be before 11am.

Travel to the Bate Collection

There is no parking at the Bate, but Park and Ride buses from the Redbridge road site pass very close by. There are public car parks nearby such as the Westgate centre, but they are expensive and tend to fill up early.

Coaches: you can arrange a drop off outside the Bate collection between 9.30 and 4 by requesting a free permit. Email and give the registration number of the coach, drop off and collection time and venue (Bate Collection. St Aldates). Coaches that attempt to drop off without a permit are liable to be fined.


We will provide tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits for a nominal charge.

Teams are welcome to bring packed lunches to eat either in the competition hall or the Music Faculty Common Room on the first floor (where drinks will be sold). There is a small Tesco immediately opposite the Bate Collection and the town centre is only about 5 mins walk away.


We have arranged for Video Magic will film DERT, specifically the youth competition and adult evening showcase. The cost will be 20 per DVD plus p and p, including both competition and showcase. We will be taking orders on the day. Payment in advance will be required. Charan Singh, who will be filming has a CRB check. However, we think it is sensible to ask that parents have consented to their offspring being filmed, and ask that you confirm this with us before the competition.